Robina Computer Services is now offering remote support, which is perfect for resolving small issues as listed below:

  • Your computer is running slower than normally,
  • Issues with your e-mail or setting up a new e-mail address,
  • Removing unwanted software,
  • Updating Software and Check-ups,
  • Updating your out of date Anti Virus Software,
  • A Basic Service, or
  • When an onsite visit is not possible.

This service is invoiced in 30 minute blocks, our qualified technician will connect to your desktop or laptop computer via the internet.   You can watch all the work as it happens on your own screen as we take control of your system. The whole process is entirely safe and secure as our software works on a single use basis and we will not have access to your machine after the service takes place.

How does it Work?

  1. You make an appointment time for us to have remote access to your desktop / laptop,
  2. You must provide a Valid Credit Card & E-Mail address,
  3. We use Screen Connect ( to gain access to your system,
  4. Prior to the remote service we will call you and give you an access code,
  5. Click here to start the remote session,  and
  6. Sit back and watch us service your PC / Laptop.