Q1: What Anti Virus Software you recommend?

Q2: What Anti Spy ware Software do you recommend?

Q3: What Browser do you use?

Q4: What Internet Service Provider do you recommend?

Q5: Do you provide phone support?

Q6: Do you use Surge protection for your computers and if so who do you recommend?

Q7: How much do you charge for your onsite services?

Q8: Can you explain your No Fix No Fee policy?

Q9: Is Robina Computer Services a franchise?

A1: We use and recommend Kaspersky Internet Security anti virus software which is a paid anti virus software Robina Computer Services sell an OEM version of this software for $40.00 including GST.

 How ever if you want a free Anti Virus software there are many to chose from the two most common FREE ANTI VIRUS Software we see installed on home user computers are AVG FREE and ADVAST.


A2: We use and recommend Kaspersky anti virus software which is a paid anti virus software that does include SPYWARE / MALWARE scans, Robina Computer Services sell an OEM version of this software for $40.00 including GST.

How ever if you want a free Spy ware Scanner there are many of them out there we have found Malwarebytes to be an effective tool in the fight against SPY / MALWARE.


A3: We use Internet Explorer the standard browser for Microsoft Windows platforms. In the community that we service a lot of users are using Fire Fox as their preferred browser.


A4: There are a great number of Internet Service Providers available to the public. We do not recommend one over the other, how ever we do recommend that you do your research look at the plans that available to you and ensure you pick a plan that is flexible and will suit your needs. Google is a good reference tool to start your searches with.


A5: We only provide phone support to existing customers and in some instances may require remote access to your computer via the Internet, to do this we use a Screen Connect if you are a new customer and have not used our service we will not provide over the phone support.


A6: Yes we do use surge protection on all our computer systems, in the workshop and at home, we even have THOR surge protection on our Plasma TV.


A7: Our hourly rate is $88.00 per hour (GST Inclusive) we do not charge a call out fee. We do have a Quote Fee of $88.00 this is to diagnose and quote a repair for computer equipment, if you chose to go ahead with the quote this fee it taken off the final invoice.


A8: Our “NO FIX – NO FEE” policy is simple if we do not have the skill set to fix your computer equipment then there is NO FEE. How ever if we offer you a workable solution to your problem and choose not to accept that solution then a QUOTE FEE will apply ($88.00 Inc GST) for more information on our NO FIX – NO FEE policy click here.


 A9: No Robina Computer Services is NOT A FRANCHISE business, we are an Australian owned and Family Operated Computer Support Business providing ON SITE Computer Support.